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ScriptRunner for ThinPrint complements the ThinPrint Management Services, the ThinPrint Engine’s PowerShell interface. Use ScriptRunner for ThinPrint to create, manage and execute scripts via web-based GUI.

Download the software and use ScriptRunner for ThinPrint with full functionality for 30 days – free of charge and without obligation. Detailed instructions for installing, configuring and using the software can be found in the Online Help.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint


  • Web server (IIS) with Management Services and ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: Windows Server 2012 and higher; .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Print server (with TPMS.agent): at least Windows Server 8/Windows Server 2012; Windows Remote Management (WinRM) must be activated; Start PowerShell via administrator and enter the following:
  • Web browser for Admin App and Delegation App: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Opera

Last updated: January 18, 2022 (version 6.1.901)

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