ThinPrint Engine

Print Management Software that Eliminates All Printing Problems
The ThinPrint Engine print management software enables optimal print support for all business processes, lucrative cost savings and a significant reduction in the workload for IT departments. The print solution is suitable for all Microsoft, VMware, Citrix or Parallels remote and virtual desktop environments.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint

Automated print management via graphical interface
Set up and manage thousands of printers quickly and conveniently. ScriptRunner for ThinPrint complements the ThinPrint Management Services, the ThinPrint Engine’s PowerShell interface. Thanks to ScriptRunner, scripts can be executed and managed via a GUI in a clearly arranged dashboard.

NoTouch Center Management for ThinPrint Hub

Centrally manage ThinPrint Hubs
ThinPrint Hub Remote Management provides you with a web console for central management of ThinPrint Hubs and Personal Printing Release Stations. Manage any number of ThinPrint Hubs, distribute certificates and firmware updates and achieve high availability when printing in remote and branch offices.

Personal Printing

Secure pull printing with user authentication
Personal Printing is the pull printing solution for secure, cost-saving and flexible printing to shared corporate printers