Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Benefits from the Rx for Fast, High-Availability Printing

The pharmaceutical wholesaler Jacoby GM Pharma manages Citrix printing processes at its six sites with ThinPrint Engine and ThinPrint Hubs.

The Pinnacle of Smooth Citrix Printing in Wholesale

Weyland GmbH
With its new ThinPrint Hubs, the Austrian wholesaler Weyland connects printers at its various branches with the company’s headquarters. Aditionally, ThinPrint solves bandwidth and driver problems for Citrix printing.

Central print solution halves support costs

Krämer IT Solutions
When IT consulting firms want to set up workstation-as-a-service projects in a terminal server environment, it is hardly economically possible anymore without a central print solution. The Saarland-based company Krämer IT Solutions had this experience.

ThinPrint’s Print Jobs Help Secure UK Energy Supply

Many industries face detailed regulation – and the UK’s energy producers are no different. For Uniper’s maintenance operations, failure to print the required documentation could lead to downtime running into six-figure losses per hour. With their data center relocated to Germany, the utility giant searched for a high availability solution to its Citrix printing challenges.

5 Star Printing for the Perfect Hotel Stay

FocusNet GmbH
FocusNet offers best-in-class solutions for hotel chains to manage their IT systems. With such distributed environments, printing can be a real challenge – but one that is essential for creating the best impression from check-in to check-out. How best to ensure seamless printing for service providers with complex customer environments?

Municipal Utility Prints with Inherent Data Protection

Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg Kornwestheim
Ludwigsburg Kornwestheim’s Municipal Utility needed a solution to ensure that data was fully protected, even at the printers in its open-plan and publicly-accessible office areas. With the European Union’s GDPR becoming binding in May 2018, the organization sought a practical solution to an issue facing many public bodies.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Simplifies Citrix Printing

Diagnostic Center for Population & Animal Health
Before ThinPrint, there was no easy way to use and manage system to ensure users only saw printers relevant to them which made printing complucated and confusing. The goal when implementing ThinPrint was to allow only the specific session printers to be displayed to the user and to centralize driver management.

Municipal Administration of Delmenhorst Prints Rapidly and Smoothly with VMware Horizon, Zero Clients and ThinPrint Hub

Municipal administration of Delmenhorst
Employees at the Delmenhorst city council now enjoy fast printing and smooth workflows with zero clients in branch offices, regardless of the bandwidth available. The IT department is pleased with the reduction in user complaints and low infrastructure requirements.

Easy to manage printing service for distributed healthcare facilities

Fondation Partage et Vie
The Fondation Partage et Vie comprises 118 distributed health facilities connected to a central data centre. Thanks to ThinPrint Hub, all these facilities were provided with fast and easy to manage Citrix printing.

Metallic Trading Company Reduces Administrative Workload

Weinmann Aach AG
The metallic trading company Weinmann Aach AG reduces its administrative workload thanks to ThinPrint’s Printer Self Service. Use of the ThinPrint Engine with AutoConnect, compression, SpeedCache and streaming ensures fast and reliable printing.

Personal Printing Ensures Quality in Healthcare

Helios Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken
To ensure highest quality management, each patient at Helios Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken is issued with a specialist monitoring sheet. Previously, one employee was assigned the task of printing and distributing these monitoring sheets which resulted in significant costs.

Financial Service Providers Reduce Costs With Personal Printing

SKOK Wesoła
To reduce the cost of printing, SKOK Wesoła sought a cost-effective, fast-toimplement pull-printing solution. What was important was that existing printers should continue to be used, and the solution easy to integrate.

Construction Company Improves Printing Performance

Kokosing Industrial
Kokosing Industrial redesigned their virtual desktops and were looking to improve printing performance as well as give a better RemoteApp experience for the end user.

Efficient Printing Secures High Levels of Quality and Stability for Logistics Company

Bolloré Logistics
Following centralization of freight forwarding and financial applications in Hong Kong, printing in various branch offices was required to take place via the WAN.

Charity Organisation Achieves Simplified Workflows

Cancer Council NSW
The Charity Organisation’s offices and shops around the state needed to be able to print documents from the main Citrix farm in Sydney. However, driver management across the server farm and the available bandwidth disrupted or prevented Citrix printing. In addition, simplified workflows should reduce the administrative burden significantly.

Faster Print Processes for Cloud Service Provider

Cegid Group
In order to offer clients the best possible Citrix printing solution via WAN connections, Cegid opted for ThinPrint.

Punctual and Reliable Delivery

Dr. Netik & Partner GmbH
The cloud service provider Dr. Netik & Partner hosts applications for its retail clients, mostly firms with branch offices who use the systems for invoice processing, creating delivery receipts, and for order & purchase documents. Printed documents and their reliable delivery remains extremely important for business and Dr. Netik & Partner wanted to enable its clients to use printers with specialized functions.

Universal Access: Fast Printouts in Every Location

Europoles GmbH & Co. KG
A new production site of the Europoles GmbH in Oman had been connected to the headquarters in Germany via a site-to-site VPN connection with low bandwidth. The applications are made available on Citrix XenApp servers at headquarters. Due to the masked network, it was not possible to receive print jobs in Oman from the SAP system. To improve the management of the print environment and get fast printouts in every location, Europoles GmbH opted for ThinPrint.

Leasing Company Masters All Printing Challenges

When their desktop environment was fully centralized, GRENKE faced various printing challenges. The right printer should always be available for every employee. In addition, the speed of printing was to be increased. Without ThinPrint, printing documents in some cases took up to 10 minutes.

Local Government Reduced Administrative Efforts

This Swedish local government Helsingborg faced the challenge to provide printers for all users and achieve reduced administrative efforts, including 1-to-1 student users and home users. Furthermore the printer driver management supposed to be minimized and upgraded to a 64-bit platform for print servers.

Hamburg Companies Print Securely, Reliably and Quickly From the Cloud

IT works!
IT works! provides companies in Hamburg, Germany with flexible cloud computing infrastructure. Special emphasis is placed on a sophisticated security concept. Customers access services in the cloud quickly and securely via Citrix technology. As printing is an essential office activity, customers also required flawless and secure printing, even from complex processes.

IT Company Delivers Seamless Printing for Remote Sites

Caused by large printing volumes and low bandwidth available between remote sites and the Aossia data center, users experienced RDP session performance issues. Sessions were sometimes extremely slow and at times it was even impossible to work. The result was huge user dissatisfaction and reduced productivity.

Medical Center Saves Time and Costs

CarolinaEast Health System
Before ThinPrint, CarolinaEast faced challenges with print server instability and extensive printer drivers. CarolinaEast needed a faster and more reliable print environment utilizing a single print driver. ThinPrint was the answer.

Fast Printouts for Salt Company Despite Limited Bandwidth

Rio Tinto Dampier Salt
Centralizing data and application delivery with Citrix XenApp created a big challenge for Rio Tinto Dampier Salt: How to provision local printing services at remote office locations that ensure fast printouts. Bandwidth to remote mining sites in North-Western Australia is often limited, and printing office documents over a WAN can impact the end user experience.

On Board in Time: Airline Speeds Up Check-In

The client based system for crews to check in etc. necessitated changes to be completed manually on all clients around the European crew network. Ryanair wanted to introduce a centralized 2008 Terminal Server farm to consolidate this process. As printed documents are a legal requirement for crew, and to ensure delays are minimized, fast and efficient printing is necessary across the varied base WAN connections around Europe.

Printing Without Delay Thanks to Print Data Compression and Bandwidth Control

S&U Software
S&U Software provides HR service providers with software solutions enabling a transfer of all processes like hiring, candidate management and invoicing to the cloud. Fast and reliable printing is essential and difficulties can arise with slow printing. Confidential data must also be protected from unauthorized access when printing. A secure and high-performance printing system was required.

Reduced Administration Costs for Banking Establishment

SKOK ARKA is one of the fastest growing mutual savings institutes in Poland with 26 branch offices throughout the country. Employees printing in Citrix environments often suffered from bandwidth constraints, losses in performance, and network instability. Managing the printers also took substantial time and effort. Reduced administration costs were required.

Polish Bank Benefits from Increased System Stability and Fast Printouts

SKOK Kujawiak
SKOK Kujawiak is the largest mutual savings bank in the Polish region of Kujawy with 28 branches. Their mixed, virtualized environment consists of components from Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix. Printing in this environment was a major challenge. Limited bandwidth, printer driver management, and printer driver conflicts were just some of the problems that had to be overcome.

Financial Service Relieves IT Department

SKOK Wesola
The financial services provider SKOK Wesola was faced with numerous challenges with VMware printing and Citrix printing in its distributed environment, mainly relating to bandwidth, printer driver conflicts and system instability.

Cloud Provider Can Guarantee Fast Print Jobs

SpiderGroup in Bristol hosts complete desktop solutions based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services for professional service companies and charities. Customers want to print large print jobs, such as payroll quickly and smoothly on special printers. SpiderGroup sought a fast printing solution that is easy to configure and manage.

Cloud Provider Delivers High-Quality Nursing Care

Swing GmbH
Swing GmbH offers its out- and in-patient nursing care customers cloud solutions for managing their client data, planning care services and invoicing. Because all services are planned, documented on paper and billed by invoice, printing for Swing customers is business-critical. The challenge is one of managing high printing volumes, without adversely affecting quality standards or billing times.

Customers Enjoy High Performance and Fast Printing From the Cloud

Systéame, based in France, hosts office solutions for customers in the region and wanted to offer high-performance printing from the cloud, regardless of the application scenario.

Easy Print Management for Outdoor Advertising and Street Furniture

Many Wall GmbH locations in Germany are supplied with their required IT infrastructure via low bandwidth connections to a data center. Printing too is expected to run quickly and smoothly via the central Citrix environment. The company was looking for a solution offering easy print management in order to reduce the administrative burden involved with Citrix printing.

IT Company Relies on ThinPrint for Hosted Desktop

Connect Support Services Ltd
Connect’s hosted desktop is like using the same desktop as before, except it is available anywhere, including applications that don’t offer a cloud version. Printing is an important functionality for the user experience. At the same time Connect has many non-standard desktop users with various connection speeds and all sorts of printer set-ups, creating a lot of special requirements for printing.

Seamless Printing from Terminal Servers Increases Productivity at Insurance Company

Engle Martin & Associates
Before ThinPrint, the biggest issue was compressing the print jobs from the terminal servers back to the branch office users. Additionally, there were native driver issues. Engle Martin was looking to achieve seamless printing from terminal servers to the branch offices while only consuming a fraction of the bandwidth that they currently were.

Hospital Solves Problem with Crashing Terminal Servers

Tahoe Forest Hospital
Tahoe Forest Hospital was looking for a solution to help relieve the problem of crashing terminal servers due to print driver conflicts.

Medical Center Heals Printing Problems with ThinPrint

ZIAM Center for Internal and General Medicine
ZIAM provides primary care to its patients at three locations. The software needed for daily work is provided via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. When practitioners logged in to the PCs in the treatment rooms or at reception, they did not see the right printers. The client was unable to achieve a satisfactory result by using the Microsoft group policies. In addition, the software in use requires a set printer name.