Citrix Printing with ThinPrint

Top 10 Functions
This 2-page flyer shows how the top 10 features of ThinPrint’s “Citrix Ready” solution deliver seamless printing in Citrix environments.

ThinPrint Engine 11 – What’s New

New Features in ThinPrint Engine 11
With the new release, ThinPrint offers high availability for printing, a printer self-service and further powerful features. Detailed information on the lastest version of ThinPrint 11 is available in this 2-page flyer (PDF).

ThinPrint Engine 11 – Feature Matrix

List of all Features in ThinPrint Engine 11
Download this PDF to get an overview of all available ThinPrint features.

ThinPrint Hub

The Easiest Way to Print in Branch Offices
ThinPrint Hub, as the perfect addition to ThinPrint Engine, ensures effortless printing in all branch offices. Download this PDF to get an overview of the features and benefits.

ThinPrint Mobile Session Print

Mobile Printing from the Session
With ThinPrint Mobile Print, iPad and iPhone users print from any remote and virtual desktop session to local printers. Download this PDF to learn more.

Personal Printing

Print Securely with Maximized Print Savings
Find all important information related to confidential printing with Personal Printing in this product brochure (PDF).