White Papers

Parallels & ThinPrint: Virtual Workplace and Seamless Printing

Parallels and ThinPrint have worked together to add high-available, easy-to-use Parallels printing to the virtual workplace. The combined solution reduces the workload for IT administrators with users working productively with every device integrated into the virtual environment. Learn more about the seamless interaction of Parallels and ThinPrint as well as printing in a virtual RAS environment.

Managed Printing for Android & iOS Devices

Integrate Mobile Devices into your Print Environment
Printing is often the last missing piece of the puzzle to ensure productive working on the move. In this white paper, we present various printing options for mobile operating systems and various providers of mobile printing solutions. It also discusses the requirements for managed mobile printing in the enterprise.

Perfect Printer Mapping

For the user it is a given. If he clicks on print, he wants to see exactly the printer of his choice available. This printer mapping white paper shows you how to ensure that the right printers are always available to all employees with minimal effort.

Fast Printing in Companies

In this white paper, learn how, and with which technology, ThinPrint can help you compress print data and transfer it to the network so that slow printouts and negative impacts to networks and work productivity are a thing of the past.

High Availability Printing

Since the elimination of print server clusters in Windows servers, failover printing can only be achieved with a suitable print management solution. This white paper will show you how ThinPrint provides server- and client-side load balancing, controlled failover, and server maintenance during running operation to ensure high availability printing.

General Data Protection Regulation and Secure Network Printing

On May 25, 2018 the EU’s GDPR becomes binding. For companies and public authorities, this results in numerous obligations with regard to the processing of personal data. This white paper identifies the security risks when printing personal data and helps you to ensure your printing processes are compliant with data protection regulations.

Secure Printing with User-Based Printer Authentication

Discover in this white paper, just how user-authenticated printing increases the security of your corporate data.

Reduce Printing Costs With Secure Pull Printing

In this white paper read more about how easy it is to reduce your printing costs significantly and with a minimum of effort. Find out what other key advantages the perfect pull printing solution can offer your business.

Cost Savings in Remote and Virtual Desktop Environments

This white paper presents you with a real sample calculation so you can see just how impressive the potential savings can be with the right print management solution for remote and virtual desktop environments. In nine individual steps, we shed light on where potential savings in your company may be found.

Printing Defaults vs. Printing Preferences vs. Printing Properties

What to Watch Out for When Changing Settings
ThinPrint provides all users with a standardized and clearly laid out print dialog box for all environments and every printer. It lets users find the desired print function immediately – including finishing options such as hole-punch, staples, and binding and other enhanced functions.

Microsoft’s Virtualization Solutions

Optimized Remote Printing in Microsoft's Desktop Virtualization
Discover in this white paper Microsoft’s virtualization approach in its entirety. The various challenges associated with the different remote desktop scenarios will be subjected to particular examination. In addition, this white paper will also present appropriate solutions.

How to Achieve Complete Server Consolidation

Cost Savings & Streamlined Print Management for Your Business
Discover in this white paper what are the advantages associated with a dedicated print server, which challenges are caused by print server centralization and how local print servers can be eliminated without any of the disadvantages.

Printing in Wi-Fi Networks

More Bandwidth with Print Data Compression
Discover in this white paper what exactly causes print jobs to be very large and how this negatively impacts your Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to the ThinPrint ThinShare feature, it is possible to compress print data from the client to the print server by up to 98 percent. The freed up bandwidth allows all employees using the Wi-Fi network to work unhindered and with no loss of performance.