ThinPrint Hub Remote ManagementDownloads

With this software, manage up to 5 ThinPrint Hubs or Personal Printing Release Stations free and without obligation via the web console. Detailed instructions for installing, configuring and using the software can be found in the Online Help.

ThinPrint Virtual Appliance

ThinPrint Virtual Appliance – with Stratodesk NoTouch Center for ThinPrint Hubs

Requirements & Notes:

  • Installed virtualization applications such as VMware Workstation, VMware vCenter (ESX Server) or Oracle VirtualBox
  • The download package (.zip) contains the pre-assembled virtual appliance as .ova file
  • The ThinPrint Hubs managed with Stratodesk NoTouch Center for ThinPrint Hubs must have firmware version 1.8 (or later) installed. You can find this firmware here.
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