Other ThinPrint Clients

Client for HP Printers

OS: The ThinPrint Client for HP Printers is suitable for all HP printers with FutureSmart firmware from 4.12 and 5.5. This applies to models from the Enterprise series and to MFP (multifunction printers). Examples:

  • HP Officejet Enterprise Color X555
  • HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP

Please contact us if you need a client for older versions of FutureSmart 4 or 5. A list of FutureSmart printers can be found here.

Last updated: November 2, 2022 (version 1.2.47)

Client Linux 7.0.69

OS: Linux

Generally, there is no limitation to specific Linux distributions or architectures. The software was tested on Ubuntu, SuSE, Debian Wheezy, CentOS, RedHat and Raspbian.